Check out the Marketplace in Geneva Lake 8! Open Saturday from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Touch of Ireland will be at Winter Weekend to help with all your sock, shoe and feis needs! You can also find a great selection of Celtic items to get you ready for St. Patrick's Day season.

Brenna Briggs

Meet Brenna Briggs,

Author of the Liffey Rivers book series

Brenna Briggs is the author of eight Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries and MAIDS: Mothers Addicted To Irish Dancing.

Briggs' essays and short stories have been featured in Hornpipe Magazine, The Irish American Post, Celtic Canada, The Sligo Quarterly Review, Irish Dancing and Culture Magazine and many other Irish American periodicals and newspapers.

Brenna will be signing her books and giving a talk during the Parent Sessions on Saturday during Winter Weekend! Come meet this dynamic author. and

Liffey Rivers and the Mystery of the Sparkling Solo Dress Crown, Book 1 of the Liffey River book series:

13-year-old Liffey Rivers is power-walking around the hotel lobby at the Celtic Arch Feis in St. Louis when she notices a suspicious looking man carrying a beautiful Irish dancer doll in his plastic shopping bag. An over-sized sparkling diamond tiara is perched on top of the doll's curly brown wig--but Liffey can see that the doll is wearing a traditional Irish dance school dress. Intuitively, she realizes that whoever put this dress on the doll, did NOT place the diamond crown on its head. When Liffey cannot resist investigating further, she finds herself not only trying to win a 1st place medal to qualify for her first Irish dance solo dress, but also dodging international smugglers. After a series of suspenseful cat and mouse chases, Liffey Rivers unravels the mystery of the sparkling solo dress crown.

Solo Dress and Vest Cookies!

A Beautiful new look to our classic Solo Dress and Vest cookies!

Thank You to Rachel Galles, Trinity Parent and Baker-Extraordinaire!

Proceeds benefit your Trinity Booster Club.